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Cesar's Recruit Asia

2 Seasons | HD | Produced for Nat Geo Asia

Cesar Millan, the world’s most respected dog behaviourist, is back in Asia. He is here to recruit the regions most talented trainers and enlist them in his global mission to fight dog abandonment, and teach people to live in harmony with their pets. But this time Cesar has decided to launch his recruitment drive on a grand scale. From applicants all across Southeast Asia, he has handpicked 10 of the most promising candidates to compete together at an elaborate Singapore Training Base. Under the guidance of Cesar and Ethan, the winner of Season 1 who has joined the campaign as Cesar’s assistant trainer, the Recruits must guide a dog through a challenging course of real-life obstacles. The Recruits capabilities are tested to the limit. Once done, the 10 are down to 8 and they put their best paw forward in a series of heats across three Asian cities where over a few days, they need to bring peace in the homes occupied by some rather unhappy dogs and unhappy owners. The top 2 performers then head to Cesar’s Dog Psychology Centre in Los Angeles where they are assigned their toughest case yet. The Recruit who achieves the greatest transformation in dog and owner will be crowned as winner of Cesar Recruit: Asia Season 2, and be rewarded with an exclusive dog psychology training program from Cesar.

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