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My Buddy Bonemasher

10 x 30 MIN | HD | Produced for OKTO on 5

My Buddy Bonemasher is a 10 x 30min comedy series that follows the story of a 12-year-old boy who struggles at school and to be honest, with life in general. Iz is an introvert, socially awkward, a day dreamer who has interests other kids just don’t understand. He is obsessed with wrestling, WWE style. When one of his drawings of a wrestler manifests into an imaginary friend; Bonemasher, his life is turned upside down. Bonemasher encourages Iz to be brave, break a few rules, try new things and follow his dream. His advice is not always the best and ends up getting Iz into some tricky situations. We follow Iz through the series as he fumbles through each day trying to avoid the school bully, deciding to join a wrestling school, juggle his studies and his dream and along the way find courage, confidence and a few muscles he never knew he had.

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