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Phillson Rajan

Phillson Rajan

Head of Labs

Phillson is a seasoned branded content specialist known for his ability to create captivating narratives that truly resonate with audiences. With a primary focus on crafting engaging content for brands, he brings a wealth of strategic insight into the needs and desires of brands and the digital generation.

​During his time at Beach House, Phillson has worked with a diverse range of clients across various industries, including automotive giants, airlines, government organizations, banking and finance companies, tech startups, and streaming platforms. By leveraging his expertise in brand messaging and creative storytelling, he consistently delivers holistic and impactful award winning content that revolve around video content across various platforms – from TV to social media platforms.

Passionate about the evolving digital landscape, Phillson constantly seeks innovative approaches to harness the vast experience, talents, and technical excellence of BHP. With a strategic mindset, he actively spearheads the company's expansion into merging digital and linear strategies, revolutionizing the way video content is approached by brands, agencies, and channels.

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