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Kitchen Invasion

11 X 12 MIN | HD | Produced for The Health Promotion Board of Singapore

Singapore is a multicultural food paradise. Eating out is a national pastime. We love our chicken rice, laksa, mee goreng’s and nasi lemaks.

Now, what if we could keep the same great taste of these dishes and give them a healthier spin? In this digital series entitled Kitchen Invasion, we do just that.

Invading kitchens around Singapore are our elite squad of Chefs and resident nutritionist to lend the Chefs a healthy dose of inspiration. From hawker stalls to cafes, restaurants, a wedding caterer and even a preschool, our chefs go head to head to reinvent a healthier version of the original dish that tastes just as good as the original. The venue’s owner then decides which of the healthier dishes tickles his/her taste buds the most and is worthy of winning the coveted Golden Spoon!

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