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Wild City: Forest Life

1 X 1 HR | HD | Produced for Channel NewsAsia

Sir David Attenborough narrates the award-winning Wild City series that explores the wild side of Singapore. The fourth episode explores Singapore’s forests. Here on the fringes of the city, the jungle harbours some fascinating species, including many that have never been filmed before. The star of the show is the Raffles’ banded langur, one of the least-known primates on the planet. Found only in Singapore and Malaysia, there are only a few hundred left and around 60 have made a home in Singapore's rainforests. 

A troop of nine live high in the canopy where their babies learn to climb and discover all there is to know about their jungle home. Below them, a cast of creatures carve out a life in this multi-layered forest world. Ambush hunting scorpions, flying dragons escaping from murderous jaws, a nest of weaving ants with their own farm, and one of the world's tiniest hoofed animals - the mouse-deer. This is a journey to discover the wonderful residents that thrive here. 

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