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Uptown Otters

8 X 1 HR | 4K | Produced for Love Nature

In Singapore, smooth-coated otters have forged a unique urban lifestyle, living side-by-side with their human neighbours. And the best part? They rule this uptown world. Each family is helmed by a matriarch, and they live and die by two rules: only the alpha female is allowed to reproduce, and intruders are not welcomed. The Bay Family currently occupies prime territory – Marina Bay. Meanwhile, the Townies, Nomads, and Mangrove Family have built their own empires around the island. These otters have peacefully coexisted all this time – as long as they remain in their own domain under their queen. But peace breeds restlessness. As the Bay Family settles into their home, the other clans are starting to stir, each wanting a piece of this otter paradise.

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