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The Raincoat Killer

3 X 1 HR | 4K | Produced for Netflix

The three-part docuseries follows Yoo Young Chul, a notorious serial killer who came to light as a psychopath to the South Korean public in 2004. Targeting wealthy elderly people, young women and sex workers, Yoo killed a total of 20 people in various parts of Seoul. The docuseries will examine the horrific chain of events through never-before-seen archival footage and compelling interviews with the people directly involved in the case, including the victims’ family members; the officer in charge of the case; other detectives and investigators; prosecutors; lawyers; and profilers Lee Soo-Jung, Bae Sang-Hoon, and Kwon Il-Yong, South Korea’s first criminal profiler who interacted directly with Yoo.

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