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6 X 1 HR | 4K | Produced for CuriosityStream

EVOLVE is a new, 4K premium 6 x 60 television series exploring the fascinating and emerging world of biomimicry—using unique animal adaptations to find futuristic and sustainable solutions to human problems. Headlined by rising star Patrick Aryee—biologist, TV presenter, and host of the BBC World Service’s 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter—EVOLVE tells the enthralling, visually spectacular stories of some of the most astonishingly superpowered species on the planet. The series investigates how their unique adaptations evolved over the course of millions of years. And it ultimately explores how they could potentially revolutionize humanity’s future by inspiring new technologies. Each episode is centered on a different aspect of society in need of an upgrade — covering themes ranging from healthcare to exploration to conservation.

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