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Wild City: Islands

Wild City: Wild Islands (Pretitle)
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1 X 1 HR  |  HD  |  Produced for Channel NewsAsia

Sir David Attenborough narrates this series that explores the wild side of Singapore. The third part of the series explores Singapore’s islands – far from the city, past the port, hidden from view lies an undiscovered wilderness. From laid-back sandy beaches and colourful coral reefs, to ever-constant coastal development, Singapore’s coasts and islands are home to an array of fascinating creatures. Dive underwater to meet the dynamic duo of the yellow watchman goby and shrimp, discover the quick-changing cuttlefish, delve into darkness with the dog-faced water snake, and avoid the aim of the lethal archerfish. Relax on the beach with busy sand bubbler crabs and marooned macaques and take to the skies to follow the twisting tale of a family of little terns. This is a journey across the waters to explore the unexpected world of Singapore’s wild islands. 

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