Weekend Warriors

6 x 30 MIN HD
Produced for Hub Sports Arena, Starhub

An exploration of the drives, desires and extraordinary stories behind some of Singapore’s most dedicated amateur athletes ‘Weekend Warriors will give viewers a chance to experience amateur sport as they have never done before. Each episode of the series focuses on a single, devoted athlete, charting their lives both in and away from the sports they love – revealing the sacrifices they’ve made, the obstacles they’ve overcome and their continued commitment to the sports that dominate their lives. We’ll meet bulimic teen turned champion bodybuilder Melissa Sarah Wee, dodgeball fanatic Neoh Yi Hui as he stakes his livelihood on turning a fringe game into gold and cancer survivor Abigail Cheng finding solace and recovery through the medium of show-jumping. Six extraordinary athletes tell six extraordinary stories of the kind of courage and dedication required to become a ‘Weekend Warrior’.