Tycoons China

8 x 30 MIN HD
Produced for Channel News Asia

Four steady decades of commercial reforms in China have triggered the biggest boom in the history of the world market – and it’s having profound effects in every nook and cranny of the globe. At the heart of these changes are China’s biggest movers and shakers. They are ordinary men and women who have broken new grounds to transform the face of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. But they’re not just rags-to-riches businessmen – they are pioneers of avant-garde technology; razor sharp business moguls who saw a different future for China during some of its hardest times; enterprising leaders who are forging ahead with ground breaking new plans for global connectivity. The series brings you face to face with these billionaires and follows them as they make high priority decisions at a snap of their fingertips; seek out new muses at their favorite haunts; and reveal the personal moments and deepest secrets that have shaped their breathtaking success.