Smart Taiwan

1 x 1 HR HD
Produced for Discovery Networks Asia

Imagine a world that anticipates your every need. A retailer tries to forecast the lifecycle of the mobile devices that have become an extension of our selves; a bank strives to bring the human touch into the digital era and adapt to a changing demographic; a public transportation operator is perfecting a centuries-old means of mobility for modern-day commuters; and a healthcare provider aims to tailor their formula precisely to an individual’s genetic code. How do they accomplish this? Instead of relying on conventional wisdom and techniques, what can seem like mind reading is based on hard science. The explosion of data on consumer behavior combined with advanced algorithms allows service providers to anticipate needs and target individual preferences. In Taiwan, a high rate of Internet penetration and mobile device use has facilitated this development. From retail to transportation, banking to healthcare, the program goes behind the scenes to look at how these businesses are transforming themselves and building a Smart Taiwan.