Singapore’s Finest

8 x 30 MIN HD
Produced for Channel NewsAsia

The days are quickly building up to the 28th SEA Games and the spotlight on Team Singapore cannot be any brighter. For the first time in 22 years, Singapore will host the regional event while celebrating the nation’s 50th birthday. It’s a historical moment that comes with the weight of gold for this year’s athletes. But there’s more to each athlete’s success than meets the eye. Singapore’s Finest chronicles the gruelling journey by teams of athletes across six sports competing in this year’s SEA Games: Swimming, Sailing, Football, Fencing, Rowing, Basketball, Track and Kayaking. We discover how they choose to define themselves in the weeks leading up to the competition. What is the sport like from the other side? How do they train and why? What kind of pressures are they facing? How does it affect their families? What weaknesses are they still working on to overcome?