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Teddies Season 2

45 X 30 MIN | HD | Co-Produced for OKTO on 5 & Nine Network

Ever wondered what your cute and cuddly teddy bear gets up to when you’re not around? Find out when you enter the magical world of “Teddies”. Narrated by Scout - a travelling teddy who links our world to the enchanting world of Teddytown – we follow the exploits of our loveable fuzzy toys, Dom, Meeks, Sparky and Tizzy. Just like kids, they’re learning what it’s like to grow up; making friends, being kind to others, helping out, making mistakes and respecting and appreciating others. Even if things can sometimes get difficult, that’s okay - these Teddies are here to help each other out because that’s what friends are for. Our Teddies are always coming up with the craziest ways to have fun. Sometimes though, even with the best intentions they learn that their idea of fun isn’t necessarily everybody else’s. But that’s all right too - learning is a life long adventure (even for a Teddy) and making mistakes is all part of the game. After all... Teddies just want to have fun!

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