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National Geographic Channel swoops down on NHNZ and BHP’S China From Above

Washington D.C., June, 2015 - National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) today announced it has picked up rights to China From Above from Beach House Pictures and NHNZ. The epic two-part journey by air showcases China’s diverse landscapes, extreme weather, massive cities and staggering infrastructure from overhead. Presenting the country in a way never seen before, the special will air on National Geographic Channel from July 2015.

Featuring innovative aerial photography interwoven with on the ground human stories, the two-part film details how the Chinese have tamed a landscape of staggering contrasts to their needs. From ancient monuments and customs, through astonishing landscapes and on to the high tech world, China From Above brings into focus what makes this such a fascinating country.

Built on a scale that can only be appreciated from above, the special flies over some of the world’s greatest man-made wonders that have stood the test of time. The camera defines breathtaking natural vistas, soaring along powerful rivers, arid deserts, immense mountain ranges and lush valleys. It also captures the nation’s race to counter the impacts of its rapid industrialisation with the next generation of sustainable technologies.

A country of intense change; where bustling megacities tower over the ruins of bygone civilisations, this sweeping voyage through the air offers a new context and understanding of the Middle Kingdom’s evolution by revealing the secrets and patterns of life in traditional and modern China.

Hamish Mykura, Executive Vice President and Head of International Content for NGCI, said, “Much more than a gorgeous moving artwork, this is an epic story about the amazing diversity, remarkable history and the astonishing transformation China has gone through from ancient to modern times. Taking a bird’s-eye view, this awe-inspiring expedition reveals China from a fresh perspective that complements National Geographic’s legacy of exploration.”

Donovan Chan, Creative Director for Beach House Pictures, said, “China From Above is a series more than two years in the making, a journey covering an unprecedented array of Chinese stories and terrains, many of which are rarely seen. It's our hope that the films will help international audiences gain a deeper understanding of the country and we are thankful to all our incredible partners who made this happen.”

China From Above is produced by Beach House Pictures, Asia's largest independent TV production company; in partnership with New Zealand prod co NHNZ. For Beach House Pictures, Executive Producers are Donovan Chan and Andrew Holland. For NHNZ, Kyle Murdoch is Managing Director. For NGCI, Executive Vice President and Head of International Content is Hamish Mykura.

Additional production partners include China Intercontinental Communication Center and Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

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