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CuriosityStream Explores Biomimicry in Original Series ‘Evolve’

Factual streamer CuriosityStream has begun production on an ambitious six-part documentary series exploring biomimicry, the study of solving human design challenges by looking to the natural world.

Hosted by biologist and filmmaker Patrick Aryee (pictured), original series “Evolve” is produced by Blue Ant Media-backed production outfit Beach House Pictures, and will span four continents. It will explore the ways in which humanity can solve problems by “mimicking” the innovations found in nature.

The show fits into a growing slate of originals from John Hendricks’ CuriosityStream, which reaches around 16 million subscribers worldwide and has distribution tie-ups with the likes of Roku, Apple TV Channels and Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV, among others.

“We live in a laboratory where nature is constantly evolving — from stunning animal superstars to mundane, unsuspecting heroes of the wild. From awe to wonder, it all has something to teach us,” said Aryee. “I genuinely believe that our future survival as a species lies in understanding and appreciating the inner workings of our natural world. It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to work with some of humanity’s greatest minds in order to truly learn from mother nature. The journey might not be seamless, but evolution rarely is.”

From revolutionizing healthcare to transforming transportation, each adventure in the series will focus on a different challenge, and demonstrate how nature has already solved many of the problems we face today. The most pivotal aspect of the show, however, is the emerging technology on the cusp of innovation, whose real-world application will be illustrated through the use of CGI.

“‘Evolve’ is going to be a truly immersive odyssey, making engaging natural history television in a new way, exploring the past, the present, and most importantly, the future,” said Rob Burk, head of original content for CuriosityStream. “Patrick will break down the fourth wall and bring viewers inside every adventure and every discovery, promising moments that are ceaselessly intimate, occasionally funny and infinitely revealing.”

Aryee has previously worked, both in front of and behind the camera, for the BBC and Sky. From a face-off with a Komodo dragon to a free dive with 15-ton sperm whale, Aryee’s specialty is daringly close animal encounters that provide unique insights into natural history.

“There’s hardly a better argument for conservation than the fact that a creature exists out there, from the tiny tardigrade through to the majestic cheetah, that might save our lives or even change our trajectory as a species,” said Rob Sixsmith, head of factual for Beach House Pictures. “It’s a series that is crucial for our times and we are truly thankful to CuriosityStream, Singapore’s IMDA, Blue Ant Media and Abacus Media Rights for making this happen.”

“Evolve” is produced by Beach House Pictures for CuriosityStream. For Beach House, executive producers are Jocelyn Little, Donovan Chan and Rob Sixsmith. Jerry Decker is showrunner and Chris Baron serves as series producer. Jorge Franzini is executive producer for CuriosityStream.

Abacus Media Rights will be distributing “Evolve” in Canada, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Korea, Japan and China.

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