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China from Above viewed by millions in China

15 October, 2015 - China From Above, a co-production by Beach House Pictures, NHNZ, CICC, National Geographic Channels International and NDR, has gone viral with 130 million views on Chinese VOD platform Tencent in the last two weeks.

The two-part documentary special covers China’s geography and culture across 20 provinces, cities and regions – from ancient monuments and traditional customs, through astonishing landscapes, and on to the high tech world of today. Through a combination of innovative aerial photography and on the ground, human stories, China From Above is a never-before-seen view of China.

Beach House Pictures Creative Director Donovan Chan and NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch are astounded by the online viewership.

“Our last digital project scored 6.5 million views and we were blown away, so to see these incredible numbers is extremely exciting. This is testament to the quality of the series and the hard work of our multinational team,” says Chan.

Murdoch adds, "It is phenomenal, even for a Chinese platform. In the years since our content has been available online, we have never seen numbers like this.”

Jing Shuiqing, Vice President of CICC, says the popularity of China From Above is exciting for CICC.

“Few documentaries in China reach over 100 million online viewers. As far as I know, the viewers per episode is one of the highest in record. So this is really quite a wonderful surprise.”

China From Above is distributed internationally by Fox International Channels Content Sales.

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