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Our Tiny Superheroes

Our Tiny Superheroes (Trailer)
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1 X 1 HR  |  HD  |  Produced for Channel NewsAsia

We rarely see them. We often ignore them. But whether we know it or not, tiny superheroes live all around us. From the black soldier fly with an insatiable appetite, to the mantis shrimp with a Thor-like thunderstrike, these marvellous mini-heroes possess powers that human beings can only dream of.

This is the story of the ground-breaking and occasionally insane-sounding research being conducted by Singapore's science community on the world’s tiniest critters. The scientists' mission - to harness the powers of these critters to beat cancer, make unbreakable bones, and even help us all live longer and better.

Voiced by naturalist Nick Baker, Our Tiny Superheroes is an incredible introduction to the mini-marvels living among us, and the maverick scientists trying to unlock the secrets of their superpowers.

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