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2 X 30 MIN  |  HD  |   Produced for CICC and TLC 

‘Oh My Buddha!’ takes you on a journey to discover the unknown, often overlooked, cultural overlaps China has with countries around the world. In this first two-part series, we explore the cultural ties and influences of China and India – the mega countries of the world. With the world’s two largest populations and a shared border, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the relationship of these two distinctly different cultures. We follow two celebrities – Indian actor and comedian Abish Mathew and popular Chinese online educator Yang Yang as they embark on a journey to investigate how their two countries have influenced each other. The duo head off on adventures together, and through their experiences and people they meet they get surprising insights and gain a unique understanding between the two cultures! 

Oh My Buddha!

Oh My Buddha! — China
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