Nick Baker’s Eco Malaysia

1 x 1 HR HD
Produced for National Geographic International

Renowned British naturalist, Nick Baker, travels to South East Asia to embark on a unique eco adventure in the Malaysian Peninsula – one of the most bio-diverse landscapes on the planet. His journey begins in the 130 million year old Belum-Temengor rainforest, where he learns the ancient art of blowpipe hunting from the Jahai people. Nick joins a WWF field biologist on a tiger-tracking mission and comes face to face with the longest legged spider in the world. Travelling to the lush valley of Lenggong, Nick visits the caves of Gua Gunung Runtuh, where the oldest complete human skeleton in South East Asia was discovered. Along the way he tries his hand at elephant caretaking and sees a Rafflesia for the first time in full bloom, one the world’s largest flowering plants.