Megastructures: Urban Mine

1 x 1 HR HD
Produced for Nat Geo International

Taiwan, the Asian high-tech dynamo, is drowning under the growing piles of electronic waste it produces. Now, eco-pioneers in Taiwan are teaming up to build a state-of-the-art facility with a twist—a recycling plant made with e-waste. Once completed, the plant will recycle 99% of the waste that comes through its door. But, located on harsh coastland with a dark past, and helmed by different generations with contrasting visions, the ambitious project faces multiple challenges from the get-go. Taking a cue from traditional blessings and ancient practice, Taiwan’s recycling innovators find a solution by working with Mother Nature and honoring the island’s legacy. The success of this eco-plant will pave the way toward a no-waste future, not only for Taiwan, but for the entire planet.