Meet the Makers

1 x 1 HR 4K, 5 x 8 MIN HD
Distributed by TVF & Encore Inflight

Meet the Makers brings us across the globe as we meet masters of some age-old crafts. In a time where our digital world and consumerism fuels the machines of mass production and instant gratification, watch as these men and women devote their lives to preserve the artistry of their trade. What drives these incredible craftsmen? What does it take to make Perfection? How are they preserving the tradition? Yet keeping it relevant for the future? We seek to answer these questions through the personal stories of 5 different masters from 5 diverse disciplines, across the world – an ink maker in Japan, a silk weaver in England, a papermaker in Italy, a whisky blender in Scotland and a sword forger in South Korea. Each of these regions have a long history of craftsmanship, stretching back centuries and audiences will experience first-hand these masters’ incredible spirit, passion, respect, harmony and will power – the very attributes that allow the human condition to overcome the mundane to make something truly unique