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MasterChef Singapore

MasterChef Singapore (Trailer)
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8 X 1 HR  |  HD  |  Produced for MediaCorp Channel 5

The world’s greatest cooking competition has arrived in Singapore to showcase our fabulous food and the talents of our best home cooks. 


The series is a celebration of our love of food, the joy it brings and the sense of togetherness that comes about through cooking for people and eating together.

When applications opened, thousands of people bombarded the MasterChef Singapore website. 18 of the most talented amateur cooks were then invited to compete in a high-pressure cooking audition.  Ten were rewarded with the opportunity to compete in the MasterChef kitchen, and go on to battel for the title of Singapore’s MasterChef.

Three icons of Singapore’s culinary world will be guiding and judging the contestants as they face off in a series of ever more challenging tests. There’s MasterChef classics like the Mystery Box and Pressure Test, as well as some never seen before challenges that will take the contestants breath away. There’s an atmosphere that will accelerate the development of the contestants’ skills and lead to the creation of dishes that will be loved by judges and audiences alike. 


The contestants come from all walks of life, but one thing they share is a passion for cooking and a love of great food.  They will draw upon the great cultural diversity of Singapore, as well international trends and cuisines from around the world, to create dishes that we all want to eat, and even try cooking ourselves.


For the Top 10, winning the title of MasterChef Singapore is the chance of a lifetime to change career and realize their food dreams.

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