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Serba Dinamik

Graphical branded content films produced for CNBC, commissioned by Serba Dinamik

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

The root of Singapore surrounds it’s country with a multi-cultured heritage that URA aims to preserve. This is a branded content series for the Urban Redevelopment Authority Of Singapore to promote some of Singapore's restoration buildings such as the Baba House and other cultural activities in Singapore. Some of these also includes Kampong Glam's heritage.

Singtel COVID 19 Films

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented crisis on a global scale, disrupting lives and livelihoods since its onset in late 2019. These films document Singtel’s COVID-19 response.

Maritime Port Authority of Singapore

Branded content series for the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore.



Documentary for the National Heritage Board of Singapore to nominate Hawker Culture in Singapore on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

CNBC Japan: Powering Tomorrow

Japan: Powering Tomorrow is a series that will reinforce Japan’s ability to innovate and develop advanced technological solutions to overcome some of the world’s gravest challenges. The two-part series will focus on some of the key Japanese companies that are innovatively pushing new technologies and applying ingenuity as part of the global effort in the battle against COVID-19, whilst also highlighting their potential to change and advance our world for the better.

From Waste to Wonder Season 1

Transform ugly produce, leftover meals and food scraps into an irresistibly cute bento meal you can't wait to tuck into - although it may just be so beautiful you can't bear to eat.

Game Nation

Meet six of Singapore’s most promising eSports players as they shatter stereotypes with their passion and gumption.

GAME NATION goes behind-the scenes for an exclusive look at what it takes to be part of this booming eSports industry, estimated at more than SG$1 billion. Investors, industry experts and supporters provide perspectives and context to eSports’ incredible potential, and why it is a vital part of Singapore’s sporting future.

Samsung 4K Presentation

Singapore Tourism Board – New Fun

Behind Changi