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110 X 12 MIN | HD | Produced for ZooMoo Network

“ZooMoo News” is a live-action preschool puppet series that entertains and informs its viewers all about animals – all the time. It consists of a mix of “hard-hitting” segments that are geared towards animal conservation issues as well as fun lifestyle segments that feature gourmet bakeries for pets and birthday parties for celebrity animals. Watch the mayhem unfold as its intelligent and ever-professional anchor, Emiko Eagle, deals with a team of rat pack reporters that include Rocky “The Rascal” Racoon, Hanna “The Explorer” Hyena, Latif “The King” Lion, Panda “The Slow Philosopher” Panda, and the baby of the team, Afrina Otter. In each episode, Emiko Eagle’s team of aspiring journalists report their stories live on location from the zoo, bird park or even far off places like the savannahs of Africa and the icy regions of the Antarctic!

Zoomoo News

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