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Bibi lives in a special house in a place that is both familiar and slightly strange. There is an air of magic around Bibi’s place, set in a treetop on the edge of a wood not too far from where you live. Bibi is always happy to help whenever someone is in trouble. It is this caring attitude, which lands her with new housemates. Hiccup and Sneeze are two young forest monsters that snuck in one day and never left! These two monsters get up to all manner of adventures and have countless questions for Bibi, which she is always happy to answer. Together, they explore their woodland world, with all its colours, sights and smells. Come and play the monster way!

Hiccup & Sneeze is an original preschool series by award winning Beach House Pictures and Northern Pictures.

Every episode is a fun and educational experience for young viewers. There is plenty of zaniness and craziness, thanks to our lovable forest monsters Hiccup, Sneeze, roving monster reporter Ellard, and everyone’s favourite friend, Bibi.

Hiccup & Sneeze 3

45 X 30 MIN | HD | Co-Produced for Okto jnr & Nine Network

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