Himalayan Tsunami

1 x 1 HR HD
Produced for Discovery Channel

This one-hour special investigates the real life stories and the science behind the catastrophic floods that hit Uttarakhand, India, on 16 and 17 June 2013, causing unprecedented death and destruction. Almost 6,000 people died, more 100,000 were stranded, and almost half of Uttarakhand was ravaged by the destructive floods. The country declared a state of national crisis in what was India’s worst monsoon in history. The tragic events triggered one of the largest rescue operations the world has ever seen. And as the country reels from this unprecedented event, we answer the question, “What really happened?”. Himalayan Tsunami retraces the events of the disaster, told though the eyes of witnesses as they recount harrowing tales of survival, and scientific investigators as they unravel the natural forces that led to a tragedy of such devastating proportions. For the first time they unlock the true causes of India’s Himalayan Tsunami.