1 X 1 HR  |  HD  |  Produced for Nat Geo International

Kamiya Yumei, the 10th Japanese astronaut with a career as an Air Self-Defense Force test pilot who challenges himself and the world, made his first mission, a long-term stay at the International Space Station.  

The history of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and other Japan's history of space development that Japan has cultivated up to now through the history of Yui's dream of becoming an astronaut and the mission given to him. We approach while talking about human astronauts.  


Astronaut Yui and Japan's “challenge” will be followed to talk about future space development for humankind.  Actor Hiroshi Abe narrates this work on the theme of the tenseness of space development sites and Japan's outstanding human space technology.  

Fly Me To The Stars: Japan's Space Challenge