First Time Filmmakers: China 21

3 SEASONS – 17 X 30 MIN SD
Produced for Discovery Channel

First Time Filmmakers – China 21 debuts documentaries by 18 Chinese filmmakers that focus on how different people in the country are reinventing their livelihoods and their whole way of life in a fast growing economy. Season 2006 touched upon a variety of subjects – Mongolian Idol features the trials and tribulations of a young Mongolian singer, Out Of The Dark tells the story of a miner turned photographer and his experiences with coal miners in Shandong and Good Morning Beijing finds out how hosting the Olympics has prompted China to encourage Beijing residents to pick up better English; it won Best Director at the 2006 Asian Television Awards. Episodes for 2008 include – Go Buddha Boys a group of monks attempt to compete in a 5-a-side football competition, The People’s Dumpling follows a renowned dumpling chef as he takes his restaurant into the 21st century and The Green Wall of China documents the efforts of a tiny village by the Great Wall to create an eco-sustainable tourist trade. The People’s Dumpling won Best Documentary in the 2008 Asian Television Awards.