Expedition X

1 x 1 HR HD
Produced for Discovery Asia

Denise Keller and Liam Bates are on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling from China to Turkey along the ancient Silk Road, discovering how a new generation of explorers, entrepreneurs and innovators are making it relevant again in the 21st century. Along the way, Liam and Denise will experience the historic grandeur of the Mogao Caves, a UNESCO heritage site; check out the futuristic cities of Yinchuan in China and Astana in Kazakhstan; learn about the cutting edge rail systems that will make transport a breeze on the Silk Road; join a modern day convoy of adventurers in four-wheel drive vehicles; find out how China’s 2000-year old Karez Canals are still in use today; and investigate how cultural exchange between the East and West are being kept alive in Istanbul, using stunning engineering feats.