2 x 1 HR HD

Produced for Discovery Asia

Once a mysterious, exotic idea shrouded in 4000 years of history and legend, the China of today has shed its aloof image. It has opened its doors and welcomed elements of foreign influence, and is now a ubiquitous global power that exports its own culture to the rest of the world. Yet, China and the Chinese diaspora retain its own unmistakably Chinese identity. What is this notion of being Chinese? How do we begin to make sense of it? Chineseness is a thoughtful documentary series hosted by renowned archeaologist and scholar Dr. Agnes Hsu that aims to tease apart various aspects of Chinese identity, through the lives and work of four prominent artists. Each episode offers a window into the fascinating world of a Chinese or Taiwanese artist – exclusive footage of the artist at work, anecdotes from their childhood, glimpses of people and places significant in their lives. If art is the expression of an individual’s spirit, then Chinese art must be one of the tools we can use to explore the complexity of Chineseness.