China From Above

2 x 1 HR HD
Produced with CICC and NHNZ for Nat Geo International and NDR

China is perhaps the most extraordinary country in the world. More people live here, by far, than in any other nation on the planet. China is the oldest country in the world and today, the most dynamic and fastest developing. In 2016 it is forecast to overtake the US as the largest economy on Earth. Each year, China builds the equivalent of another New York City. As many as 5000 skyscrapers per year. This land of remarkable landscapes and natural wealth has always relied on its multiplicity of cultures and people. It is one nation, yet it is made up of 56 distinct ethnic groups. It stretches from the Middle East in the west to the Pacific in the east, from Russia in the north to Vietnam in the south. To best appreciate this vast and varied land, both ancient and modern, then and now, you need to get above it all. This two-part series will show China like never before in an epic story of amazing diversity, remarkable history and an astonishing, modern transformation.