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Cesar’s Recruit: Asia 

Cesars Recruit Asia (Pretitle)
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7 X 30 MIN  |  HD  |   Produced for Nat Geo Asia 

Cesar Millan heads to Asia in search of the region's very best dog trainer.  Cesar is looking for a unique talent to become a local leader in his global missions to prevent dog abandonment, and to help desperate dog owners achieve harmony with their pets.  After scouring the region for talent, Cesar selected 8 aspiring dog trainers to compete to become his Asian Recruit.  Each week a pair of trainers go head to head to prove they have the unique mix of temperament and talent needed to become Cesar's anointed trainer.   The Recruits have just a few days to rehabilitate dogs that cause chaos in their owner's lives.  As difficult as these dogs are, the biggest challenge is always instilling the calm, assertive qualities of pack leadership into those same distressed owners. In a final test at the end of each round, owners and rehabilitated dogs are sent into challenging real world situations to prove just how far they have progressed under their Recruits care.  The top two Recruits will travel to Cesar's Los Angeles Dog Psychology Centre to tackle their toughest cases yet, but only one of them will return home with the title of Cesar's Asian Recruit. 

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