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Best Dog India

1 X 1 HR  |  4K  |  A Beach House Pictures Film

India is known for many things, yet few know that it has a serious canine obsession. Every year, the Kennel Club of India holds a nationwide tournament to select the country’s top dog; a series of shows taking in the length and breadth of the country. Only the best dogs are good enough, and competition is stiff. Narrated by Kate Beckinsale, Best Dog India hitches a ride with the top contenders for the championship season; the obsessed owners, and their four legged superstars. We head into their homes and kennels for a privileged look at their preparations for the shows, and learn what’s a stake for each of them. Featuring the highs and lows, the triumphs and disasters, as the lead changes hands and reputations are made and careers destroyed. Filled with eccentric and wonderful characters of every background, energised by the exuberant culture of India, packed with colourful images of the country and intermixed with graphics and animation; Best Dog India is a quintessentially Indian adventure, brimming with drama, tears and jubilation.

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