A Taste of Hong Kong 3


3 x 30 MIN HD
Produced for Discovery Asia

Hong Kong chef and foodie extraordinaire Christian Yang loves everything about his city, especially its one-of-a-kind food culture. Hong Kong is a living, breathing, food emporium. Its gastronomic landscape is like no other in the world and Christian wants to create a pop-up food event as an ode to his hometown’s delicious sights and smells. But Christian’s in a quandary when it comes to picking what should be a part of his pop-up – there’s just so much he loves about Hong Kong! That’s where consummate traveller and professional globetrotter Ian Wright comes in. Christian’s invited him down to Hong Kong to lend a helping hand. Ian’s seen (and eaten) practically anything and everything across Asia and the world. His expert palette is just what Christian needs to narrow down his search. In each uniquely themed episode, Christian and Ian will head out around Hong Kong to uncover the very best of a food – from style eats to star eats and street eats. Each person will pick out a place they envision will fit the pop up event. In addition to our pair’s selections, Christian will flex his culinary skills by coming up with a unique dish inspired by his adventures with Ian. At the pop-up event, Ian and Christian will gather the feedback on their selection but the ultimate test is whether Christian has captured a true taste of Hong Kong with his specially created dish? With ultimate bragging rights at stake, invited food journalists, local celebrities, travellers and food lovers will play judge and jury!